What are the most prominent global technology conferences that were canceled due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus?


In the inside of the unfold of the Covid-19 pandemic within the world, it’s greatly affected the planet economy and our daily living and the way we have a tendency to conduct our business. As a results of these new transformations that occurred in most countries, thousands of events and conferences round the world have additionally been canceled or deferred to a different amount of your time, whereas Others are regenerate into activities solely to be watched on-line.

The list of canceling technical events at the start was only a few, because the World Smartphone Conference in urban center was the primary technical conference to be canceled within the world. Technology pioneers were shocked by this fast announcement, however over time several alternative technical conferences quickly created this call within the complete closure of nations round the world till the natural event of the virus subsided, below may be a list of the foremost vital technical conferences canceled this year.

Barcelona Mobile World Congress

The MWC is that the most noted and largest annual smartphone conference within the world, and is being command in urban center. The conference sometimes includes the announcement of the most recent new technology merchandise like smartphones, tablets, sensible watches and alternative technologies.

It was additionally expected that the fifth-generation engineering “5G” are one in every of the highlights of this year. The conference was canceled on February 12 because of the pressing health conditions in urban center and therefore the world concern caused by the unfold of the Covid-19 virus.

Facebook Summit for world selling

The Facebook selling Summit was scheduled  to be command from nine to twelve March at the Moscone Center in metropolis and typically led to five,000 guests from everywhere the planet, however in period of time the corporate canceled the conference, aforesaid Facebook exponent Anthony Harrison “We canceled the world selling summit thanks to the various warnings of the event of public health risks associated with the Covid-19 virus.”

And once Facebook created this call, several queries arose within the technical community regarding the fate of Facebook’s biggest technical event this year, the F8 Developers Conference in might because of the continuing unfold of the virus within the u.  s..

F8 Facebook developer conference

The F8 conference is that the largest annual event for the social networking big Facebook, and was scheduled  to be command in San Jose, California, however Facebook remains reaching to hold some tiny native events of the F8 conference and show them to everybody live on-line.

“In lightweight of the growing issues regarding Covid-19, we have a tendency to created the tough call to cancel F8 this year so as to rank the protection and health of our developers, employees, and everybody United Nations agency helps in putting in place the conference,” Facebook aforesaid during a statement.

Google Cloud Next

Google declared on day that it had canceled its “Google Cloud Next” event because of issues associated with the Covid-19 virus, contented  toshow it as a digital event solely. The conference was scheduled  to be command in metropolis from Apr half dozen to eight, and Google aforesaid that every one Participants United Nations agency purchased conference tickets are refunded.

Google I / O Conference

The annual Google Developers Conference I / O is one in every of the biggest and most noted technical events within the world, within which the corporate sometimes announces new digital merchandise and technologies. however on March three, the corporate declared that it had canceled the private facet of the event, that is typically command at the bound Amphitheater in Mountain read, California. Google additionally illegal its workers from traveling internationally while not special permission from the corporate.

Okta Oktane Conference

It is the annual event of a security and identity management company for IT professionals, product leaders and developers. it had been scheduled  to be command at the Moscone Center in metropolis and it always brings around half dozen,000 participants annually.

On March 3, the corporate declared the cancellation of the conference and turned it into a digital event on-line solely in lightweight of the unfold of the Covid-19 virus. it had been command from March thirty to Apr two, and therefore the broadcast was free for anyone United Nations agency wished to look at the conference. the corporate additionally absolutely refunded the amounts paid to the conference attendees.

Think conference

Think is one in every of the biggest developer conferences within the world hosted by IBM. Last year, a minimum of twenty,000 folks from round the world attended the event. it had been additionally scheduled  to require place at the Musken Center in metropolis from might 5-7, however the corporate canceled the conference and turned it into a digital event via the live stream feature.

IBM additionally introduced new travel restrictions, its workers might travel solely within the u.  s. to attend client conferences, and additionally plans to scale back international travel and encourage its workers to carry virtual conferences.

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